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Los Rasgos

Los Rasgos, was initially formed in Venezuela by Carlos Garcia (Guitars), Carlos Gabriel (Keyboards), Jorge Luis (Bass), and (Carolina Mendoza (Lead vocals). After moving to The United States, Carlos pursued music as a solo artist as Los Rasgos.

Carlos's music style is a blend of different musical backgrounds from Latin rooted rhythms to Classic Rock.


Carlos has collaborated with Pedro Castillo (Vocals), a former guitarist, and vocalist from the popular band Aditus for his first EP, This Place,  Alexis Peña (Vocals), a former member of the group Tempano, Elio Piedra (Session drummer), and Camilo Garzon (Session Percussionist). 

No Te Entiendo - feat. Pedro Castillo

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Pedro Castillo

Aexis Peña

Elio Piedra

Camilo Garzon


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Carlos Garcia

Rehearsing for a show