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Los Rasgos

Los Rasgos, was formed by Carlos Garcia. Rasgos means traces. The name originated from Carlos's exposure to different musical styles, such as alternative, classic rock, and Latin rythms. These styles have contributed to the unique sound of Los Rasgos.

This Place is the flagship song of his upcoming album. Los Rasgos brings a blend of different musical backgrounds, such as Diosa Guanche which originates from Carlos's ancestry, The Canary Islands. Angels is another song from this album, and its original alternative rock style adds a different flavor to this production.

Carlos had the pleasure of collaborating with several talented musicians and producers. Pedro Castillo, former guitarist and vocalist from the popular band Aditus, provided lead vocals for Angels and Diosa Guanche. Elio Piedra played drums and percussion for the entire album.  Gerry King, chief engineer of Skylab Recording Studios, mixed and mastered this album.

Los Rasgos Recording Studio

Contact us for a quote! It is fully soundproofed. We work with the Logic Pro X and great mics and gear. We can also help with both guitar and bass sessions.

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Pedro Castillo


Angels & Diosa Guanche

Elio Piedra

Session Drummer

Gerry King

Mixing & Mastering

Camilo Garzon


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The Immigrant

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